E-DACDigital Platform for students

Radhaji Charitable Trustadopted the E-DAC Digital training for encourages students of its School to embrace rapidly changing worlds and make them ready for tomorrow by building 21st-century skills.
We believe in becoming a student’s best friend and a true growth partner in their most crucial learning years by providing a hybrid learning platform.
Edac is an amalgamation of technology,media, and curriculum for creating a seamless transformational impact on each and every child’s learning curve. We emphasize conceptual building, critical thinking, and overall personality development through our highly researched, scientific and interesting teaching-learning approaches.

Teachee Platform
Our mission is to empower online education, accelerate knowledge sharing, and ensure teaching and learning quality to ensure this Radhaji Charitable Trustprovide this to their school students of 8th to 10th classes with the help of KnorishPlatform which is our digital platform where content of all subjects of these classes provide free of cost to students.