The environment is the natural surroundings of the earth that enables an organism’s survival. The French word ‘environ’ that means to surround is a derivative of the word environment. It consists of living beings such as humans, plants, and animals. The air, water, and land are non-living entities. Their functioning is designed by nature in such a way that everything is dependent on each other. The human being is the most dominant creature of all the beings who can depend on all the natural resources of the earth. He requires the air to breathe. Not only humans but plants and animals also need air to breathe. There will be no life on earth without air. It is only the human being who is responsible for the destruction of the environment.

Radhaji Charitable trust is into educating children and youth about the importance of protection of environment. We work in the field of soil conservation and tree plantation. Farmers are also made aware about the bad effects of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Environmental Pollution is one of the major and serious threats nowadays. It is degrading the environment of Earth every time. The lifestyle of an individual is one of the reasons for causing Pollution. The harmful pollutants are mixing with our environment and degrading the quality. The smoke that is emitted from the chimneys of the factories, from vehicles is the mixture of poisonous gases. Due to environmental pollution, the worst sufferers are the plants and animals. They are extinct every day.  No flora and fauna are safe here. Some animals are already in the list of endangered species. Due to water pollution, the Marine species are also dying.
Radhaji trust is very conscious about making aware youth and children about taking care of their environment. For this purpose awareness camps, rallies are organized time to time and our team visit different schools and colleges to enlighten youth about the dangers. They are
also told how to take care of their surroundings Environmental pollution increases global warming day by day, so the ice in Antarctica is
melting and the harmful gases are also emitting and destroying the whole earth. The animals have endangered, the plants are also dying. Cutting of trees is one of the reasons for environmental pollution. So instead of cutting trees, we should plant more and more trees to enhance the beauty of Earth. On 5th June, we celebrate World Environment Day, so not only we Mahotsav trees on that particular day, but we should plant trees whenever we think it is necessary to do. We should also celebrate Van Mahotsav to spread the news that every individual should plant trees. It is the responsibility and commitment of every soul to preserve and protect our environment from getting polluted. There is another duty also that we have to perform we should not dump the waste materials in the river or seawater. We should burn them, then we
will be able to produce biogas.