The organization aims to the society through capacity building of the people. But apart from this, “Radhaji Charitable Trust” has not forgotten to see the community is much strengthened with provision of basic human needs, minimum amentias of life on equitable basis.

The trust runs a school with name and style “ R.K. Public senior secondary school “ which is affiliated to Punjab school education board , and serving the area since 1996. The Trust provides highly subsidised education and transport to rural poor students. It is imperative to know that Derabassi area still lacks basic infrastructure for education and lot many children drop out at primary level only. Without providing even a basic level of education, we cannot think of an truly independent and developed Indian state.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is more desirable than anything else in life. “Radhaji Charitable Trust” has taken much care to improve health and sanitation through adequate awareness. Social justice is never possible without proper equable distribution of the country’s resources. “Radhaji Charitable Trust”, therefore has put up much of its endeavored to see to see that the assistance and support of Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations meant for the public good must reach their appropriate destinations.

The resources and finances of the trust needs to be strengthened to cover poorest of poor in the region to provide them education at least up to 10th class.

The trust is exempted under 80 G and anybody who makes donation to the trust will get 50% exemption in their tax liability with Income Tax Department.
Radhaji charitable trust also works in the field of skill development where with the help of donors we have provided computer courses and tailoring courses to more than 500 youths and made them employable. Most of the youths are serving many organisations